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Tax Returns for Deceased Taxpayers

The preparation of the final income tax return(s) for a deceased taxpayer and related trust tax returns for an estate are very specialized services that we have prepared for over 20 years for our clients.

There are numerous income tax elections that must be filed as well as tax planning opportunities that arise in the final year of the tax return and only a very experienced Income Tax Professional can achieve the significant income tax savings that are available.

Over the past 20 years of preparing income tax returns for deceased taxpayers, we have handled and prepared all income tax aspects of a deceased taxpayer, the related income tax filings and the related tax matters for the estate including the following:

  • review of the income tax position on the death of the taxpayer and identify various possible income tax savings opportunities
  • review of the medical condition of the deceased taxpayer prior to their passing for possible disability income tax deductions and income tax credits
  • review of the last will to determine the income tax implications to the estate and survivor
  • analysis of the income tax planning options to minimize the income tax on the estate, the deceased taxpayer and the beneficiaries of the estate
  • advising on the optimal method of distributing the assets of the estate to minimize the related income tax implications
  • provide income tax and estate planning suggestions and recommendations for the surviving spouse or other beneficiaries of the estate
  • preparation of any trust tax returns and special elections for the estate
  • discussions with Canada Revenue Agency regarding any related matters
  • advise on ongoing tax related matters