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T2201 Form Information

Disability Tax Credit

A related business includes any business, where another individual related to the recipient of income does any of the following:

  • personally carries on the business
    • this means income from a sole proprietorship to a related person can be subject to TOSI
  • is actively engaged in the business carried on by a partnership, corporation or trust
  • owns shares of the corporation carrying on the business
  • owns a property, the value of which is derived from shares of the corporation having a fair market value not less than 10% of the fair market value of all of the shares of the corporation
  • or is a member of a partnership which carries on the business.

The definition is broadly drafted to capture income derived directly or indirectly from the business.

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Dividend, Bonuses, Salaries, Shareholder Loan Repayments, Tax Free Capital Dividend Account Dividends or Other Compensation Methods?

The preparation of the final income tax return(s) for a deceased taxpayer and related trust tax returns for an estate are very specialized services that we have prepared for over 20 years for our clients.